Sunday, July 20, 2008

iPhone 3G Sells Surprisingly Well in the Countryside of Canada

A week so ago, I bought an iPhone 3G at last. When Apple first introduced the first generation iPhone, I was a resident of U.S. As a person who is extremely interested in technology and user experience, I know that I should have bought one of the first generation iPhones, but I didn't. This was because I was about to move to Canada and decided to keep my Nokia N95 for that time. On July 11th, Apple finally introduced iPhone 3G in Canada, and I purchased one of them without hesitation. I currently live in the country side of British Columbia, Canada and as a matter of fact, I have only seen three people using macs in my town. iPods? Well, I haven't seen any people using them at all. Smart phone? Well, I have never seen such a thing in this town. Actually, I was asked what smart phone means by a resident here when I talked about the iPhone.

Based on these experiences, I figured that there would be no line on the iPhone debut day in front of a cellular phone shop. On that day, I had a very busy schedule as I am dad with three children including a two-week old baby. Somehow I managed to find time to go to the shop at 5 PM and told the guy at the shop confidently "I am gonna purchase an iPhone." Surprisingly, he told me that it was totally sold out. I was deeply disappointed. At the same time, I sensed that something revolutionary was happening not only in Canada but also all over the world. In a small town with almost no Macs, iPods, or smart phones, the iPhone 3G was completely sold out. As a matter of fact, according to an automated message from Fido (a carrier which sells the iPhone in Canada) customer service line, iPhone was sold out and people should place their names on the waiting list. Well, that weekend completely changed my perception Apple. Apple is doing far better in Canada than I expected.

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